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Diamond Body Chain Nasty Gal

Body Chains (: 


 The Perfect Late Macchiato for macchiato lovers like moi (:


While flipping through the channels earlier today i came across a very interesting show called "1000 places to see before you die" on show discovery channel. This episode was dedicated to Canada's best sights to visit and one of the sights was this well known cafe that was exclusively famous & known for their latte art, bringing in professionals to create different artistic designs and techniques to appeal to coffee lovers and consumers. I found this very intriguing and loved to share with other coffee addicts. I really think it is amazing how you can create art out of absolutely anything, in this case MILK!

These are a couple of pictures that caught my attention the most, for all coffee lovers enjoy these pictures and if you  have the talent to do such a thing then pursue IT, its truly an amazing talent!!

Source Show Discovery